1# See docs/devel/tracing.rst for syntax documentation.
   3# client.c
   4nbd_send_option_request(uint32_t opt, const char *name, uint32_t len) "Sending option request %" PRIu32" (%s), len %" PRIu32
   5nbd_receive_option_reply(uint32_t option, const char *optname, uint32_t type, const char *typename, uint32_t length) "Received option reply %" PRIu32" (%s), type %" PRIu32" (%s), len %" PRIu32
   6nbd_server_error_msg(uint32_t err, const char *type, const char *msg) "server reported error 0x%" PRIx32 " (%s) with additional message: %s"
   7nbd_reply_err_ignored(uint32_t option, const char *name, uint32_t reply, const char *reply_name) "server failed request %" PRIu32 " (%s) with error 0x%" PRIx32 " (%s), attempting fallback"
   8nbd_receive_list(const char *name, const char *desc) "export list includes '%s', description '%s'"
   9nbd_opt_info_go_start(const char *opt, const char *name) "Attempting %s for export '%s'"
  10nbd_opt_info_go_success(const char *opt) "Export is ready after %s request"
  11nbd_opt_info_unknown(int info, const char *name) "Ignoring unknown info %d (%s)"
  12nbd_opt_info_block_size(uint32_t minimum, uint32_t preferred, uint32_t maximum) "Block sizes are 0x%" PRIx32 ", 0x%" PRIx32 ", 0x%" PRIx32
  13nbd_receive_query_exports_start(const char *wantname) "Querying export list for '%s'"
  14nbd_receive_query_exports_success(const char *wantname) "Found desired export name '%s'"
  15nbd_receive_starttls_new_client(void) "Setting up TLS"
  16nbd_receive_starttls_tls_handshake(void) "Starting TLS handshake"
  17nbd_opt_meta_request(const char *optname, const char *context, const char *export) "Requesting %s %s for export %s"
  18nbd_opt_meta_reply(const char *optname, const char *context, uint32_t id) "Received %s mapping of %s to id %" PRIu32
  19nbd_start_negotiate(void *tlscreds, const char *hostname) "Receiving negotiation tlscreds=%p hostname=%s"
  20nbd_receive_negotiate_magic(uint64_t magic) "Magic is 0x%" PRIx64
  21nbd_receive_negotiate_server_flags(uint32_t globalflags) "Global flags are 0x%" PRIx32
  22nbd_receive_negotiate_name(const char *name) "Requesting NBD export name '%s'"
  23nbd_receive_negotiate_size_flags(uint64_t size, uint16_t flags) "Size is %" PRIu64 ", export flags 0x%" PRIx16
  24nbd_init_set_socket(void) "Setting NBD socket"
  25nbd_init_set_block_size(unsigned long block_size) "Setting block size to %lu"
  26nbd_init_set_size(unsigned long sectors) "Setting size to %lu block(s)"
  27nbd_init_trailing_bytes(int ignored_bytes) "Ignoring trailing %d bytes of export"
  28nbd_init_set_readonly(void) "Setting readonly attribute"
  29nbd_init_finish(void) "Negotiation ended"
  30nbd_client_loop(void) "Doing NBD loop"
  31nbd_client_loop_ret(int ret, const char *error) "NBD loop returned %d: %s"
  32nbd_client_clear_queue(void) "Clearing NBD queue"
  33nbd_client_clear_socket(void) "Clearing NBD socket"
  34nbd_send_request(uint64_t from, uint32_t len, uint64_t handle, uint16_t flags, uint16_t type, const char *name) "Sending request to server: { .from = %" PRIu64", .len = %" PRIu32 ", .handle = %" PRIu64 ", .flags = 0x%" PRIx16 ", .type = %" PRIu16 " (%s) }"
  35nbd_receive_simple_reply(int32_t error, const char *errname, uint64_t handle) "Got simple reply: { .error = %" PRId32 " (%s), handle = %" PRIu64" }"
  36nbd_receive_structured_reply_chunk(uint16_t flags, uint16_t type, const char *name, uint64_t handle, uint32_t length) "Got structured reply chunk: { flags = 0x%" PRIx16 ", type = %d (%s), handle = %" PRIu64 ", length = %" PRIu32 " }"
  38# common.c
  39nbd_unknown_error(int err) "Squashing unexpected error %d to EINVAL"
  41# server.c
  42nbd_negotiate_send_rep_len(uint32_t opt, const char *optname, uint32_t type, const char *typename, uint32_t len) "Reply opt=%" PRIu32 " (%s), type=%" PRIu32 " (%s), len=%" PRIu32
  43nbd_negotiate_send_rep_err(const char *msg) "sending error message \"%s\""
  44nbd_negotiate_send_rep_list(const char *name, const char *desc) "Advertising export name '%s' description '%s'"
  45nbd_negotiate_handle_export_name(void) "Checking length"
  46nbd_negotiate_handle_export_name_request(const char *name) "Client requested export '%s'"
  47nbd_negotiate_send_info(int info, const char *name, uint32_t length) "Sending NBD_REP_INFO type %d (%s) with remaining length %" PRIu32
  48nbd_negotiate_handle_info_requests(int requests) "Client requested %d items of info"
  49nbd_negotiate_handle_info_request(int request, const char *name) "Client requested info %d (%s)"
  50nbd_negotiate_handle_info_block_size(uint32_t minimum, uint32_t preferred, uint32_t maximum) "advertising minimum 0x%" PRIx32 ", preferred 0x%" PRIx32 ", maximum 0x%" PRIx32
  51nbd_negotiate_handle_starttls(void) "Setting up TLS"
  52nbd_negotiate_handle_starttls_handshake(void) "Starting TLS handshake"
  53nbd_negotiate_meta_context(const char *optname, const char *export, uint32_t queries) "Client requested %s for export %s, with %" PRIu32 " queries"
  54nbd_negotiate_meta_query_skip(const char *reason) "Skipping meta query: %s"
  55nbd_negotiate_meta_query_parse(const char *query) "Parsed meta query '%s'"
  56nbd_negotiate_meta_query_reply(const char *context, uint32_t id) "Replying with meta context '%s' id %" PRIu32
  57nbd_negotiate_options_flags(uint32_t flags) "Received client flags 0x%" PRIx32
  58nbd_negotiate_options_check_magic(uint64_t magic) "Checking opts magic 0x%" PRIx64
  59nbd_negotiate_options_check_option(uint32_t option, const char *name) "Checking option %" PRIu32 " (%s)"
  60nbd_negotiate_begin(void) "Beginning negotiation"
  61nbd_negotiate_new_style_size_flags(uint64_t size, unsigned flags) "advertising size %" PRIu64 " and flags 0x%x"
  62nbd_negotiate_success(void) "Negotiation succeeded"
  63nbd_receive_request(uint32_t magic, uint16_t flags, uint16_t type, uint64_t from, uint32_t len) "Got request: { magic = 0x%" PRIx32 ", .flags = 0x%" PRIx16 ", .type = 0x%" PRIx16 ", from = %" PRIu64 ", len = %" PRIu32 " }"
  64nbd_blk_aio_attached(const char *name, void *ctx) "Export %s: Attaching clients to AIO context %p"
  65nbd_blk_aio_detach(const char *name, void *ctx) "Export %s: Detaching clients from AIO context %p"
  66nbd_co_send_simple_reply(uint64_t handle, uint32_t error, const char *errname, int len) "Send simple reply: handle = %" PRIu64 ", error = %" PRIu32 " (%s), len = %d"
  67nbd_co_send_structured_done(uint64_t handle) "Send structured reply done: handle = %" PRIu64
  68nbd_co_send_structured_read(uint64_t handle, uint64_t offset, void *data, size_t size) "Send structured read data reply: handle = %" PRIu64 ", offset = %" PRIu64 ", data = %p, len = %zu"
  69nbd_co_send_structured_read_hole(uint64_t handle, uint64_t offset, size_t size) "Send structured read hole reply: handle = %" PRIu64 ", offset = %" PRIu64 ", len = %zu"
  70nbd_co_send_extents(uint64_t handle, unsigned int extents, uint32_t id, uint64_t length, int last) "Send block status reply: handle = %" PRIu64 ", extents = %u, context = %d (extents cover %" PRIu64 " bytes, last chunk = %d)"
  71nbd_co_send_structured_error(uint64_t handle, int err, const char *errname, const char *msg) "Send structured error reply: handle = %" PRIu64 ", error = %d (%s), msg = '%s'"
  72nbd_co_receive_request_decode_type(uint64_t handle, uint16_t type, const char *name) "Decoding type: handle = %" PRIu64 ", type = %" PRIu16 " (%s)"
  73nbd_co_receive_request_payload_received(uint64_t handle, uint32_t len) "Payload received: handle = %" PRIu64 ", len = %" PRIu32
  74nbd_co_receive_align_compliance(const char *op, uint64_t from, uint32_t len, uint32_t align) "client sent non-compliant unaligned %s request: from=0x%" PRIx64 ", len=0x%" PRIx32 ", align=0x%" PRIx32
  75nbd_trip(void) "Reading request"