1# These options do not correspond to a --enable/--disable-* option
   2# on the configure script command line.  If you add more, list them in
   3# scripts/meson-buildoptions.py's SKIP_OPTIONS constant too.
   5option('qemu_suffix', type : 'string', value: 'qemu',
   6       description: 'Suffix for QEMU data/modules/config directories (can be empty)')
   7option('docdir', type : 'string', value : 'doc',
   8       description: 'Base directory for documentation installation (can be empty)')
   9option('qemu_firmwarepath', type : 'string', value : '',
  10       description: 'search PATH for firmware files')
  11option('sphinx_build', type : 'string', value : '',
  12       description: 'Use specified sphinx-build [$sphinx_build] for building document (default to be empty)')
  13option('default_devices', type : 'boolean', value : true,
  14       description: 'Include a default selection of devices in emulators')
  15option('audio_drv_list', type: 'array', value: ['default'],
  16       choices: ['alsa', 'coreaudio', 'default', 'dsound', 'jack', 'oss', 'pa', 'sdl'],
  17       description: 'Set audio driver list')
  18option('fuzzing_engine', type : 'string', value : '',
  19       description: 'fuzzing engine library for OSS-Fuzz')
  20option('trace_file', type: 'string', value: 'trace',
  21       description: 'Trace file prefix for simple backend')
  23# Everything else can be set via --enable/--disable-* option
  24# on the configure script command line.  After adding an option
  25# here make sure to run "make update-buildoptions".
  27option('docs', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  28       description: 'Documentations build support')
  29option('fuzzing', type : 'boolean', value: false,
  30       description: 'build fuzzing targets')
  31option('gettext', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  32       description: 'Localization of the GTK+ user interface')
  33option('install_blobs', type : 'boolean', value : true,
  34       description: 'install provided firmware blobs')
  35option('sparse', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  36       description: 'sparse checker')
  37option('guest_agent_msi', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  38       description: 'Build MSI package for the QEMU Guest Agent')
  40option('malloc_trim', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  41       description: 'enable libc malloc_trim() for memory optimization')
  42option('malloc', type : 'combo', choices : ['system', 'tcmalloc', 'jemalloc'],
  43       value: 'system', description: 'choose memory allocator to use')
  45option('kvm', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  46       description: 'KVM acceleration support')
  47option('hax', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  48       description: 'HAX acceleration support')
  49option('whpx', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  50       description: 'WHPX acceleration support')
  51option('hvf', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  52       description: 'HVF acceleration support')
  53option('nvmm', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  54       description: 'NVMM acceleration support')
  55option('xen', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  56       description: 'Xen backend support')
  57option('xen_pci_passthrough', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  58       description: 'Xen PCI passthrough support')
  59option('tcg', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  60       description: 'TCG support')
  61option('tcg_interpreter', type: 'boolean', value: false,
  62       description: 'TCG with bytecode interpreter (slow)')
  63option('cfi', type: 'boolean', value: 'false',
  64       description: 'Control-Flow Integrity (CFI)')
  65option('cfi_debug', type: 'boolean', value: 'false',
  66       description: 'Verbose errors in case of CFI violation')
  67option('multiprocess', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
  68       description: 'Out of process device emulation support')
  70option('attr', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  71       description: 'attr/xattr support')
  72option('auth_pam', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  73       description: 'PAM access control')
  74option('brlapi', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  75       description: 'brlapi character device driver')
  76option('bzip2', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  77       description: 'bzip2 support for DMG images')
  78option('cap_ng', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  79       description: 'cap_ng support')
  80option('bpf', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  81        description: 'eBPF support')
  82option('cocoa', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  83       description: 'Cocoa user interface (macOS only)')
  84option('curl', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  85       description: 'CURL block device driver')
  86option('glusterfs', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  87       description: 'Glusterfs block device driver')
  88option('libiscsi', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  89       description: 'libiscsi userspace initiator')
  90option('libnfs', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  91       description: 'libnfs block device driver')
  92option('mpath', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  93       description: 'Multipath persistent reservation passthrough')
  94option('iconv', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  95       description: 'Font glyph conversion support')
  96option('curses', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  97       description: 'curses UI')
  98option('gnutls', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
  99       description: 'GNUTLS cryptography support')
 100option('nettle', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 101       description: 'nettle cryptography support')
 102option('gcrypt', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 103       description: 'libgcrypt cryptography support')
 104option('libdaxctl', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 105       description: 'libdaxctl support')
 106option('libpmem', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 107       description: 'libpmem support')
 108option('libudev', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 109       description: 'Use libudev to enumerate host devices')
 110option('libusb', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 111       description: 'libusb support for USB passthrough')
 112option('libxml2', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 113       description: 'libxml2 support for Parallels image format')
 114option('linux_aio', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 115       description: 'Linux AIO support')
 116option('linux_io_uring', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 117       description: 'Linux io_uring support')
 118option('lzfse', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 119       description: 'lzfse support for DMG images')
 120option('lzo', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 121       description: 'lzo compression support')
 122option('rbd', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 123       description: 'Ceph block device driver')
 124option('gtk', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 125       description: 'GTK+ user interface')
 126option('sdl', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 127       description: 'SDL user interface')
 128option('sdl_image', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 129       description: 'SDL Image support for icons')
 130option('seccomp', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 131       description: 'seccomp support')
 132option('smartcard', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 133       description: 'CA smartcard emulation support')
 134option('snappy', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 135       description: 'snappy compression support')
 136option('spice', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 137       description: 'Spice server support')
 138option('spice_protocol', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 139       description: 'Spice protocol support')
 140option('u2f', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 141       description: 'U2F emulation support')
 142option('usb_redir', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 143       description: 'libusbredir support')
 144option('l2tpv3', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 145       description: 'l2tpv3 network backend support')
 146option('netmap', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 147       description: 'netmap network backend support')
 148option('vde', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 149       description: 'vde network backend support')
 150option('virglrenderer', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 151       description: 'virgl rendering support')
 152option('vnc', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 153       description: 'VNC server')
 154option('vnc_jpeg', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 155       description: 'JPEG lossy compression for VNC server')
 156option('vnc_png', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 157       description: 'PNG compression for VNC server')
 158option('vnc_sasl', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 159       description: 'SASL authentication for VNC server')
 160option('vte', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 161       description: 'vte support for the gtk UI')
 162option('xkbcommon', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 163       description: 'xkbcommon support')
 164option('zstd', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 165       description: 'zstd compression support')
 166option('fuse', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 167       description: 'FUSE block device export')
 168option('fuse_lseek', type : 'feature', value : 'auto',
 169       description: 'SEEK_HOLE/SEEK_DATA support for FUSE exports')
 171option('trace_backends', type: 'array', value: ['log'],
 172       choices: ['dtrace', 'ftrace', 'log', 'nop', 'simple', 'syslog', 'ust'],
 173       description: 'Set available tracing backends')
 175option('alsa', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 176       description: 'ALSA sound support')
 177option('coreaudio', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 178       description: 'CoreAudio sound support')
 179option('dsound', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 180       description: 'DirectSound sound support')
 181option('jack', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 182       description: 'JACK sound support')
 183option('oss', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 184       description: 'OSS sound support')
 185option('pa', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 186       description: 'PulseAudio sound support')
 188option('vhost_user_blk_server', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 189       description: 'build vhost-user-blk server')
 190option('virtfs', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 191       description: 'virtio-9p support')
 192option('virtiofsd', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 193       description: 'build virtiofs daemon (virtiofsd)')
 195option('capstone', type: 'combo', value: 'auto',
 196       choices: ['disabled', 'enabled', 'auto', 'system', 'internal'],
 197       description: 'Whether and how to find the capstone library')
 198option('slirp', type: 'combo', value: 'auto',
 199       choices: ['disabled', 'enabled', 'auto', 'system', 'internal'],
 200       description: 'Whether and how to find the slirp library')
 201option('fdt', type: 'combo', value: 'auto',
 202       choices: ['disabled', 'enabled', 'auto', 'system', 'internal'],
 203       description: 'Whether and how to find the libfdt library')
 205option('selinux', type: 'feature', value: 'auto',
 206       description: 'SELinux support in qemu-nbd')